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Aussies Are Losing Millions To Financial Scams

31 August 2021

  Aussies are losing millions to financial scams: Here’s how to spot one Scams and cybercrime are booming in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, leaving thousands of people out of pocket. Investment scams in particular have surged, costing victims more than $26,000 on average. What is an investment scam and why are they booming?…

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Salary Sacrificing Into Super – How It Works

14 August 2021

  Salary sacrificing into super is where you choose to have some of your before-tax income paid into your super account by your employer. This is on top of what your employer might pay you under the super guarantee, which is no less than 10% of your earnings, if you’re eligible. Making salary sacrifice contributions…

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Smart Strategies For Paying Down Debt

09 August 2021

  Being in debt can really wear you down, both financially and emotionally. Whether it’s a single large credit card balance or multiple loans, store and credit cards owing, getting clear of your debts is going to make a big difference to your financial future. To get started on an effective strategy for saying goodbye…

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Supporting Your Kids, Without Sacrificing Your Own Retirement

04 August 2021

  In the past, wealth was often passed on through an inheritance. But with our longer lifespans, and the higher cost of living (especially housing), the desire to help our kids while we’re alive and well is increasing. If your children are young, you may have twenty or thirty years to save and invest on…

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