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What is financial planning?

02 June 2022

    What is financial planning? If you could achieve your financial goals by simply putting money away in the bank, you wouldn’t need a financial plan. Unfortunately, life is a little more complex – it’s hard to understand the intricacies of investment, taxation and ever-changing rules and regulations, so you need professional help. Yet…

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How Much Do I Need in Retirement?

28 May 2022

How much you need to save for a comfortable retirement is a question many of us ask. While we all hope for a simple answer, how much money you need in retirement differs for everyone. Additionally, a comfortable retirement is based on a whole range of factors including: When you retire How long you’ll spend…

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All About Wills and Probate

25 May 2022

  Probate is the legal process that occurs when dealing with a loved one’s will after their death. It can be difficult to know what’s involved with the process and the questions to ask. What is Probate? Probate is the process that makes sure the instructions in a will can be followed. It involves proving…

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Can Infrastructure Protect from Inflation?

22 May 2022

  It’s an important question as prices rise around the world fuelled by soaring energy and commodity costs, supply chain constraints and a geopolitical retreat from globalisation. In Australia, headline inflation is expected to reach 5 per cent by the end of the year. And while that’s still low from an historical perspective, it is…

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Is This the End of the Housing Boom?

19 May 2022

Clearly the growth rates in the Australian housing market, particularly in Sydney and Melbourne, peaked some time ago – March last year. But prices have mostly been still rising, albeit at a slower pace. National average property prices now look likely to peak around mid-year and then enter a cyclical downswing. There’s a number of…

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New Opportunities to Grow your Super from 1 July 2022

15 May 2022

Both older and younger Australians, as well as low-income earners, are set to benefit from some upcoming super opportunities. From 1 July 2022, there will be some changes made to super to make it easier for people to grow their retirement savings. These changes will create opportunities for both older and younger Australians, as well…

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Volatility Bites: How Retirees Can Manage Jumpy Markets

10 May 2022

The 2020 COVID-19 share sell off and recent equity market volatility shows just how quickly share prices can move. Volatility can have different meanings for different investors, those with a long-term horizon can be less concerned, knowing they have time on their side. But what about retirees? How can  they manage the mental challenge of…

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Investment Market Outlook: Volatility Rises, Value Emerges

07 May 2022

  With war in Eastern Europe, inflation surging and Covid lockdowns inhibiting industrial production in parts of China, investment markets faced a rising tide of volatility over the past quarter. Yet while this may feel like the worst of times, it may really be that the 14 or so years since the GFC are the…

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Economic Update and Market Overview

03 May 2022

Introduction Inflationary forces continued to intensify in key regions, which suggested interest rates could be raised more quickly and more aggressively than previously anticipated. Government bond yields continued to rise sharply, resulting in negative returns from fixed income markets. The likelihood of rising borrowing costs also appeared to spook equity markets, which performed poorly over…

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You Only Retire Once. Let’s Get It Right.

18 April 2022

Retirement is an exciting time. It’s the long-awaited reward for a lifetime of work and, if you have the right plans in place, the chance to pursue your dreams free from money worries and concerns. Retirement means different things to different people. For some, it may mean traveling the world, or pursuing a previously neglected…

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